22 Dec 2010

Theme Music

The show's theme music was composed by Victoria Wood. While it is usually played without lyrics, at the end of the episodes Minnellium and Toast vocals, also written and performed by Wood, were included:
Getting up, getting out, getting on, getting going,
Wears away at the dreams that you hold in your heart,
All the scared little choices you make without knowing,
Take away from the thing that you had at the start.
Day by day, drops of water wear the stone away,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…
All the dreams that you had when it all lay before you,
All the plans that you made, all the things you would do,
All the schemes that you knew time would bring to fruition,
Did they happen? Not so far, at least not to you.
(Chorus as for Minnellium)

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